Ang Ku Kueh Workshop



Foremost, thank you to everyone who showed such great interest in the Natural Dyes and Ang Ku Kueh Workshop. The intention of incorporating kueh-making as a way to learn about plant dyes was inspired by my grandma & great-grandma who were both Kueh Makers.

The recipe used in this workshop is an altered version of our traditional Nonya recipe. There is no better way for me to celebrate my Hokkien roots and reinforce my memory of this kueh technique than to conduct this exciting hands-on workshop.

Previous participants were surprised by the aroma of coconut milk and banana leaves

from the freshly steamed Kuehs as well as the soft and chewy skin that has a wonderful bite. Many agree that homemade Kuehs are worlds apart from the mass produced ones.


First 45 minutes: Identifying interesting/exotic sources of Natural Dyes, demonstration on growing/extraction techniques for Dye plants.

Next Hour: Hands-On Kueh making during dyes.

Price: $95/Pax Location: AMK-YCK or Swiss Club Road (Near Tan Kah Kee Station), Once deposit is paid, an email will full details will be sent.

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