Edible Flower Workshop


This is one of the classic workshops that we’ve run since start of wwedibles.sg.

Many fond memories have been made meeting gardening enthusiasts, bakers, chefs, home cooks or just curious cats who somehow find their way into these sessions.

Per tradition, at every workshop, participants will be greeted with a homegrown pandan-calamansi drink and light snacks.


First Hour: Identifying native/tropical edible flowers – what can be eaten, how it can be prepared and for what purpose (medicinal, culinary etc). Edible flower samples provided. This is a great opportunity to try different exotic flowers.

Second Hour:  Yard-tour where we grow vegetables like sweet potato, moringa, mai cai; fruits like banana, starfruits, mulberries, pineapple etc. Participants will be given a pair of scissors and a basket to harvest whatever they like from the patch.

Price: $65/Pax

Location: Swiss Club Road (Near Tan Kah Kee Station), Once deposit is paid, an email will full details will be sent.

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