Order Instructions & Catalogue

Catalogue of Flowers and Price

Order Instructions

  1. Standard boxes of mixed seasonal harvest is $10.00 (you can only select the colour scheme, eg. Pink, White, Orange-Red). Personal customization (of flower types and colour) only for orders above $30.00.
  2. A FULL, NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required for each order. Your order will not be registered unless payment is made. Orders can be made through messaging me on IG or FB (Links above) or email (j.chuah@outlook.com).
  3. There will be NO REFUND if you do not collect your order within the timings stated in the *Fixed Collection Schedules (below).
  5. Location: Near Luxus Hill Park (AMK-YCK), for orders below $35: Weekdays 2PM – 4PM (ONLY) or anytime on Saturday; Timings for orders above $35 can be separately arranged OR Marina Bay Financial Center (Tower 3), Weekdays, Timings can be arranged.

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