WWEdibles – Small Business Initiative (“SBI”)

Local products for Local gardeners


The SBI is a model of collaboration between the Garden-nerd Brand and several local-small businesses (mainly professional craftsmen / creatives) to produce unique gardening tools tailor-made for Singaporean gardeners. In formulating this partnership, we asked ourselves – What happens when a gardener and a trained 3D designer-crafter work on improving gardening tools? or how about a gardener and a tailor? By combining the expertise of two separate domains, and addressing the issues many local gardeners face, we managed to push out a range of products that have never been seen in the local market.

Products of Singapore

We wanted to use gardening as a platform to showcase local talent and creativity. More importantly, we wanted to customise gardening tools to our climate, soil and seeds to reclaim it as a Singaporean hobby. Indeed, many gardeners face frustration at garden shops and nurseries when they find that tools, instructions, plant labels, seeds are suited for climates that are completely different from Singapore’s hot and humid conditions. We’ve taken that all into consideration when creating and designing our products.

Stamp of presence

Through our novelty items, we hope to preserve a heritage of gardening that is uniquely ours.

From garden bags that can fit necessary (traditional) tools for asian gardeners, gardening seed calendars containing non-gmo non-hybrid tropical edibles for you to plant each month (as well as a detailed schedule, when to plant them), to garden tags that are designed in the shape of local plants, the more products we have showcasing Singapore’s rich biodiversity, tropical climate and produce, the more we mark ourselves as The Garden City.

For example, wouldn’t you like to see seed calendars with kampung plants (like the medicinal balloon plant, rubber, nutmeg, rami nettle, balsam etc) being sold in historically significant places such as gift shops in the Botanical Gardens with detailed accounts of how these plants were grown throughout our history as cash crops or traded in the villages? Wouldn’t this be more representative of Singapore’s rich culture than a T-shirt with the words “I [heart] Singapore” on it? It must strike one as odd that establishments such as the Kew Gardens gift shop sells British field flower seed sets and tea-cups with beautiful meadow flowers painted on them whilst one of the oldest and established botanical gardens in Asia (SBG) sells “I [heart] Singapore” t-shirts. We can do much better at representing our past.

A List of Vegetables sold at the Singapore Agriculture Show held in 1956.

Instead of buying into foreign agricultural / gardening models, we are remembering our own.


The Garden-nerd Team has chosen to work specifically with talents that are specialised in their fields. We provide a detailed summary of the type of product we need and the craftsmen have the freedom to propose and create the product for the brand. We do however, provide the necessary guidance needed for a high functioning product.

Crucially, we do not take a commission from our partners nor do we negotiate down their quotations to design and manufacture the product. The end-customer buys at the price point quoted by the craftsmen (subject of course, to sale platform fees and delivery charges).

By doing this, we hope that the SBI provides them with a means of showcasing their talent / work and at the same time, generating a reasonable income (determined completely by themselves) to support their own businesses.

In return, the Garden-nerd Brand is able to keep its foothold within the niche areas of the hobbyist market and serve its customers who are typically, invested home gardeners / plant collectors and commercial farmers.


To create a product for Singaporeans, we first need to hear from them.

As alluded to above, the launch of our first product will be gardening tags in the shape of local plants so that gardeners can use the tags without having to write words on them!

For illustration purposes, this is how normal (rather un-exciting) garden tags look:

By comparison, this is a sneak peak into the garden tags we are creating:

They will be accurate models of most asian varieties of garden vegetables in this case, pumpkins. Note that we have taken various photographs of different kinds of asian pumpkins most commonly grown in Singapore’s gardens / farms and used it as a model for our design.

So instead of using written labels such as the following:

Our team is working to provide an array of 2 D vegetable-shaped tags which can be used for the same purpose.

We are in the process of selecting 5 plants to feature through our garden tags (pumpkins already being one).

On to the competition details:

Think of 5 types of (local) edible plants which you would like garden tags for, reshare a photo from our Instagram (either on story or on your public profile) tagging us “@wwedibles.sg” AND naming your 5 plants OR drop us a DM with your 5 plants.

If at least 3 of your 5 choices are eventually selected as the plants we use for our tags, you will get 3 free seed sets from us.

Winners will be announced on our media pages on 15 May 2020.

INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/wwedibles.sg

FACEBOOK – https://business.facebook.com/w.w.edibles/business

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